Why I’m Running for FL House 80

My Path to Politics

Like a lot of us before the 2016 election, I voted. But that was the extent of my political involvement. I concerned myself with the day to day details of living. Working, taking care of my family, volunteering. Certainly, I had a nagging sense of worry about the environment and North Korea. Generally, though, I felt like everything would be okay.

After the election, I woke to a different world. A world in which environmental challenges are called a hoax, and would not be addressed in time to head off catastrophe. A world in which people were bullied and insulted because of the color of their skin, religion, gender, disability, or country of origin. A world in which women were harassed and assaulted by men in power, without recourse. The real world.

I felt compelled to make a difference. Along with thousands of other Americans, I marched and rallied. Right up to the doorstep of Mar-a-Lago. I called my senators and representatives. I wrote letters to the editor. I GOT INVOLVED.

Shortly after moving to Naples with my family, I began to volunteer for campaigns, collecting petitions, doing community outreach. I learned there was no challenger against my state Representative, one-term Florida House Republican, Byron Donalds. He is A-rated by the NRA. He has passed legislation that benefits charters to the detriment of public schools.

State politics is important. Many issues vital to our well-being are decided in Tallahassee. Things like hurricane preparedness, solar power initiatives, gun legislation, and school funding.

Please join me. Let’s change the way government works. Let’s make it work for people, rather than special interests and corporations. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I will work to represent you, not line my own pockets. Together, we can make a better future for Florida.

Ethical people need to step up and represent people, not special interests.

At “Fighting A Legacy of Neglect” in Ft. Myers