We should all do our best to live a healthy lifestyle. Take care of ourselves. Don’t smoke. Eat right. Exercise. But even if we do those things, we’re all just a car accident away from medical disaster. I believe all Floridians should have medical care. A person shouldn’t lose health care if they lose employment. No one should suffer with untreated medical conditions. However, Florida was recently ranked 48th in healthcare overall. We can do better. Floridians deserve better.

I support Medicaid expansion. Nearly a million more Floridians who don’t have regular health care access would qualify for health insurance through Medicaid (See “The Cost of Not Expanding Medicaid” and “Another shot at Medicaid expansion in Florida, but same result” ). Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But expanding Medicaid won’t burden our budget, at the state or federal level. The truth is, both Florida and the federal government already pick up the tab when uninsured folks use the ER or have other uncompensated health costs. Expanding Medicaid reduces those uncompensated care expenses, saving money overall. At the same time, it provides people with the care they need. Like states that have already expanded Medicaid, Florida will see a net savings in health care spending (3). It’s time for Florida to do the right thing for its citizens – expand Medicaid.