Common Sense Gun Safety Reform

I have two kids in public school. They shouldn’t have to worry about getting killed there. It makes me sick, all the active shooter drills and soul-numbing massacres. This isn’t the America I grew up in. Like the students leading the way, I am committed to change.

As a private citizen, I went before the Florida Constitution Revision Commission to ask for an amendment that would ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. I’ve written letters to the editor calling NRA-complicit leaders to task. Now, I am running for Florida House of Representatives to help change the laws myself.

I support the second amendment right to own a handgun or hunting rifle. But I also support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As your Representative, I will introduce legislation to ban the sale of military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines, close private sale and gun show loopholes, and implement gun buy-back programs. These measures have been successful at ending mass shootings in other countries. They can work here, too.

My opponent, Byron Donalds, is A-rated by the NRA. He voted against hearing a ban on assault weapons, while Parkland students cried in the gallery. It’s time for him to go.